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Day Age Calculator

You may be curious about what day you were born on. With this simple tool, we accurately display the day you were born on.

How to Input Data and Results

Simply input your year, month, and day of birth. For example, if your birthday is January 24th, 1988, then you were born on a Sunday. By knowing the day you were born, you may be able to discover your fortune in terms of finances, career, and personality.

Meaning of Birthdays

After you find your birthday, in astrology, the day of birth can predict your character and personality. Here are 7 meanings of birthdays according to astrology that we have summarized from various sources.


According to some astrological sources, a person born on Sunday is lucky. Their ruling planet is the Sun, which usually means they will be bright, creative, bold, and assertive. Children born on Sunday often find their way, stand out in the crowd, and seek the spotlight.

Sunday is also the beginning of the week, indicating that those born on Sunday will be natural leaders. The meaning of a Sunday birthday can be said to be lucky. Those born on Sunday are creative, noble, proud, selfish, brave, and outspoken.

They like being at home, prefer a feeling of safety and consistency, and have an intuitive understanding of carving out their own territory in the world.


Monday is ruled by the Moon which, according to astrology, is a maternal entity rooted in dedication to goodness and family. People born on Monday have a maternal character, are sensitive, adaptive, and kind-hearted. They may need time to make decisions, express their truths (and others) in mysterious ways, and naturally have psychic tendencies.

Moreover, they are also creative people who sometimes keep their ideas to themselves. They also always prioritize their family and close friends. The meaning of a Monday birthday is a person who is loving to their family and loved ones.

They like being at home, prefer a feeling of safety and consistency, and have an intuitive understanding of carving out their own territory in the world.


The meaning of a Tuesday birthday is influenced by the planet Mars. In Greek and Roman mythology, Mars (or Ares) is the God of War. People born on Tuesday come with a fiery fighting spirit. These people are brave, impatient, energetic, active, and driven for success, sometimes due to mistakes.

The energy of those born on Tuesday feels like a push rather than a pull. They may feel as though they have a greater destiny to fulfill. However, when angry, they can make those around them fearful. They are also emotionally sensitive to things that could be very trivial.


Wednesday is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the god of finance, travel, and communication. The meaning of a Wednesday birthday is a person who is very communicative. They are also versatile and a bit careless. Moreover, they are also easy-going people and like to learn from their surroundings.

They are also able to pursue many pursuits and will look for several options until they find the one that suits them best. This effort may feel like many failures rather than many experiments for greater results. People born on Wednesday can also be very melancholic.

People born on Wednesday are very intelligent and have incredible communication skills. They can also have a tendency to be workaholics.


Thursday is Jupiter or Thor. In Greek belief, the god Jupiter is optimistic, friendly, and generally fun to be around. They may feel the need to control situations, evaluate events, or in management or other leadership roles.

The meaning of a Thursday birthday has a personality that is exciting, optimistic, and fun. They are also appreciated by those around them and are good leaders. Moreover, they are easy to attract attention.


Friday is under the influence of Venus, the planet of love, balance, beauty, romance, grace, and pleasure. The meaning of being born on a Friday is having a social, artistic, and obsessed with beauty and love personality, although they can also be very narcissistic.

Those born on a Friday are animal lovers, art enthusiasts, and obsessed with matters related to romance. People born on Friday are said to be friendly, pleasant, and rarely angry. They also enjoy compromising for the happiness of others.

People born on a Friday are harmonious individuals destined for art, fashion, and creativity, and have weaknesses for luxury.


The meaning of being born on a Saturday is under the influence of Saturn. In Greek mythology, Saturn is the god of wealth, freedom, and agriculture. People born on a Saturday are humble, diligent in learning, wise, practical, and strict. These individuals are hard workers.

However, they often get caught up in the past or think too much about the future, so they seem to never be present in the moment. They are also easily jealous and misunderstand their partner.

People born on a Saturday are typical individualists who prefer to be alone but have excellent organizational skills.